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CC-01 Isuzu Amigo

KIT of Tamiya CC-01 and Isuzu Amigo Hardbody

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Product no.: KIT-002
Scale: 1/10
Chassis Type: Tamiya CC-01
Wheelbase: 242mm
Lenght: 420mm
Width: 193mm
Material of body: Hard Black Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model and Tamiya
Our price without Tax : 268.60 USD
Our price including Tax (21 %):
325.00 USD

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KIT: Body of Isuzu Amigo flat hardtop body by Loops Model with Tamiya CC-01 chassis. Comes as a KIT, unpainted. Requires 2 channel RC set, steering servo, 7,2 Nimh or 7,4 Lipo battery for running.

Photos of completed and painted car are for ilustration only!! Truck shown on the picture has modified rear lights!


Set includes:

  • Complete dismantled original Tamiya CC-01 Chassis with Tamiya ESC and Tamiya stock tires
  • Complete dismantled and unpainted Isuzu Amigo hardbody
    -with bumpers, body holders, light buckets, light covers, rubber mirrors, rubber wipers, rubber safari snorkel, film for windows
  • Amigo body has the same wheelbase as the CC-01 short wheelbase version and uses standard hardbody body mounts, no modifications required!
Products are completed of 90%. It is necessary to abrade the contact area before final assembly. Products may contain small air bubbles on the non-visible parts – they do not affect the strength. Use high quality CA glue to attach. Do not use Revell Contacta Liquid or Styrene Bondene and similar types of glues – they are not suitable.

Made in Czech Republic


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