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Car Battery 1/10 BLACK


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Product no.: SP-002
Material: Coloured Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Our price without Tax : 4.55 USD
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5.50 USD

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This is a Scale Car Battery for Scale Crawlers. Fits all trucks in scale 1/10. Can be used for example with Ford F350 High Lift, Hilux High lift, CC-01 Pajero, Wrangler, RC4WD Gelande, Trailfinder, Mojave, Axial SCX10 Honcho, Dingo, Jeep Wrangler.

This part is also suitable for Drift cars.
You can use it in your car or in scale garage diorama. The dimensions shown in pictures are in centimeters.
You will receive a black/red/white unpainted baterry. The decal sheet with various types of decals is included. You have to paint the + and - caps and cut out the sticker from decal sheet and stick it on the battery.


Products are completed of 90%. It is necessary to abrade the contact area before final assembly. Products may contain small extra parts from manufactury that needs to be cut out. Products may contain small air bubbles on the non-visible parts – they do not affect the strength. Use high quality CA glue to attach. Do not use Revell Contacta Liquid or Styrene Bondene and similar types of glues – they are not suitable.


Made in Czech Republic

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