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Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 (175mm wide)

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Product no.: B-002
Scale: 1/10
Wheelbase: 230mm
Lenght: 365mm
Width: 175mm
Material: Hard Black Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Our price without Tax : 140.50 USD
Our price including Tax (21 %):
170.00 USD
: 0.00 USD

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Complete body of Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70. This is the version without rubber fenders.

The body comes as an unpainted KIT. You have to complete the body using CA glue, sand it and paint it.

Pictures in gallery shows cars built by our customers, we are very happy to show their builts here. Thanks for sharing!


Set includes:


  • front bumper made from flexible plastics
  • rear bumper made from hard black plastics
  • headlights with clear covers, buckets for 5mm LEDs
  • front and rear lights with light buckets for 3mm LEDs
  • side lights
  • front metal grill
  • two side grids for instalation under rear side window
  • registration plate light holder
  • rubber mirrors
  • rubber wipers - 3pcs
  • NEW! Pre-cut 1mm clear lexan window set!


Products are completed of 90%. It is necessary to abrade the contact area before final assembly. Products may contain small air bubbles on the non-visible parts – they do not affect the strength. Use high quality CA glue to attach. Do not use Revell Contacta Liquid or Styrene Bondene and similar types of glues – they are not suitable.

Made in Czech Republic


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The first one of these that I bought had a sceren that was not on straight, and it rattled like a screw had fallen off inside. So I sent it back for a replacement. The second one looked fine, so I took it to a place whose specialty is installing such hardware. After sitting at the shop for a couple hours, I was told that it simply did not work. The guy warned me that the wireless units were basically junk, and the next time I do this, I should get one that is wired. So I had to pay $40 per hour for labor installing and uninstalling a piece of junk that simply did not work . That being said, I bought these from the Amazon Marketplace rather than an individual seller. When I contacted them about both defective units, they were extremely polite, courteous, and helpful. They immediately sent me a prepaid shipping label via email. I requested a refund after the second unit proved to be a dud, and as soon as they got it back in the mail, my money was refunded. Not being able to install a backup camera was unpleasant and stressful enough. But Amazon's response mitigated much of it, and I thank them for it.