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12.01.2020 19:45
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Re: CC01 Chassis Extender
Ian Edmunds
22.02.2020 19:16
About Loops Model

We would like to welcome all fans of scale RC offroad, scale crawler, expedition and trial! Truckers and all other modelers are also welcome!!

We are modelers also! We are not only people making business, we are a group of modelers and scale builders! We know what you need and we do our best to offer it to you!! We 100% understand your problems and your demands!

What is Loops Model?

Loops Model is a company focusing on production of scale RC parts from Czech Republic, mid Europe.

What we are focused on?

We are focused on realistic, we do our best to produce the most realistic bodies, body accessoriees and scale parts. We don´t only produce them, we are even developing them!


Realistic - this is that what we are focused on! Check this video with our Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon based on Tamiya CC-01.



What materials we are using?

We are using the materials with most possible quality. They are mainly alternatives of ABS plastics -

-hard black plastic material (bodies, body accessories)

-softer coloured material (for interior parts and scale accessories)

-clear and 100% transparent very hard material

-harder but very flexible rubber that is almost impossible to break or tear (snorkels, mirrors, fenders)

-very soft rubber material for tires


We are looking forward to your orders! Your feedback and suggestions are very apreciated! Feel free to contact us!