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Canvas canopy KIT for Tatra 813 KOLOS, grey


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Product no.: TAP-010_grey
Material: Styrene + Cloth
Manufacturer: Loops Model
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Canopy kit for Tatra 813 8x8 KOLOS - Grey

This kit is ready to fit rear bed of your KOLOS. Includes precisely cut lightweight styrene construction, hand sewed canopy made of very realistic cloth, hook set and flexible rope.

Plastic contstruction needs to be glued togehter using CA glue or glue for plastic kits like Styrene bondene etc. Once construction is build you have to paint it. Put the cloth precisely on the contstruction, mark spots on the bed between each eyelet in the canopy and drill holes for the hooks. Hooks have to be cut out of the plate. Test the position of hook before gluing it. Make two ropes, each ca 66 cm long. Make node on the one end and place it inside of first eyelet behind the cab. Pull the rope thru all the eyelets to the back of the canopy and make a loop. Find a hook where you place the loop in the way that cloth is perfectly attached.

*Canopy showed on blue and beige Tatras are prototype and does not reflect actual colour of canvas.