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Ford F-3 1/14 Scale


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Product no.: B-048
Scale: 1/14
Material of body: Hard Black Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Lenght: 205 mm
Width: 154 mm
Height: 125 mm
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109.00 USD (96.05 EUR)
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Ford F-3 - 1/14 Scale truck hardbody
This is a one piece mold of Ford F-Series F-3 truck cabine, made in scale 1/14. Body includes all parts in picture + sheet of clear lexan foil.
Requires sanding and filling, modelers skills requested. Sold exactly as shown, it is a prototype mold. Body has rough inside parts!
lenght: 203 mm
width: 154 mm over fenders
height: 125 mm
Please, take this offer like a crowdfunding, we need to make some money with selling of prototype molds for finishing the whole project. Body parts will be finished sooner and will be available for everybody who will purchase this body now for a better price - buy now and save money. Anyway, we can give you no estimated availability time when all is ready.
What is in plan?
  • complete set of parts for body: lights, mirrors, bumpers...
  • interior kit
  • scale rims and tires - already some prototypes in testing
  • scale chassis and its accesories like fuel tanks, mud flaps etc
  • rear beds and boxes
  • trailers