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Land Rover Defender Cab Hardbody

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Product no.: B-016
Scale: 1/10
Material: Hard Black Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Wheelbase: -
Lenght: 275mm
Width: 208mm (190mm door to door)
Our price without Tax : 114.88 USD (101.33 EUR)
Our price including Tax (21 %):
139.00 USD (122.61 EUR)
: 0.00 USD (0.00 EUR)

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This is a Land Rover Defender Cab Hardbody in scale 1/10.

Let us introduce you Land Rover Defender Hardbody! It is a complete KIT with all body parts needed for building of a body. Hardbody is ONE PIECE MOLD. Body set contains 23 parts! All parts are made from high quality plastics, body and main body parts are made from hard black plastics.

Set includes:

  • one piece mold Cab hardbody
  • front grille
  • front light parts with light bucket for 5mm LED, 1 pair
  • clear headlight covers, 1 pair
  • 2x 3mm LED light for front light covers (clear)
  • 2x 3mm LED light for front light covers (orange)
  • orange winkers, 1 pair
  • hood frame covers, 1 pair
  • NEW Defender door handles, 1 pair
  • NEW Defender rubber mirrors, 1 pair
  • rubber Safari snorkel + cap
  • rubber wipers, 1 pair
  • complete set of pre cut clear LEXAN windows, 6 pieces

Made in Czech Republic


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