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Product no.: B-012
Scale: 1/10
Material: Hard Black Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Wheelbase: 275mm
Lenght: 435mm
Width: 220mm
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2016 NEW !!!

Let us introduce you Land Rover Defender D90 Kahn Design Widetrack Hardbody! It is a complete KIT with all body parts needed for building of a body. Hardbody is ONE PIECE MOLD. Body set contains 45 parts! All parts are made from high quality plastics, body and main body parts are made from hard black plastics.

This version is ready to mount on Axial SCX10 chassis, set contains special side body mounts and front and rear bumper ready to fit to SCX10 chassis.

Required SCX chassis customs:

  • front links has stock lenght, adjust rear links to 275mm wheelbase
  • attach side body mounts using screws +4mm longer compared to stock, holes are the same
  • make the chassis shorter in the rear part to fit under the body
  • drill new holes in rear and front acording to holes in front bumper mount and rear bumper mount
  • change your stock tires with tires with outer diameter 95-100mm
  • create "drop set up" - remove small springs from stock shocks and screw down the "O ring nut" - check photo below carefully

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Many thanks to Lukas Kolovecky, builder of the origin Kahn D90 Wide Track hardbody, that asked us to produce the body. A lot of thanks also to Michal Jasny, Jiri Pstruzina and Petr Mracek - all these guys worked hard on this body and without these extremely skillfull people would Kahn D90 Hardbody set never look as amazing as it does.

Car shown on pictures is based on lightly customized Axial SCX10 Dingo KIT, wheels were bought on and tires are 1.9 RC4WD Dirt Grabbers.

Set includes:

  • hardbody with integrated wide fenders
  • special body mounts for AXIAL SCX10 !!!
  • front bumper with slots for 5mm and 8mm LEDs
  • front bumper rubber ends, 1 pair
  • front bumper mount
  • rear bumper with integrated bumper chassis mount
  • front Kahn styled grille
  • small frames for front grille, 1 pair
  • front Kahn styled headlight covers with integrated 5mm LED buckets, 1 pair
  • headlight LED buckets for 5mm LEDs, 1 pair
  • set of rear LED ready lights, 6 pieces
  • hood frame covers, 1 pair
  • side fender frame cover
  • NEW Defender door handles, 1 pair
  • rear door handle
  • NEW Defender rubber mirrors, 1 pair
  • rubber wipers, 1 pair
  • registration plate light cover
  • gas tank cap
  • roof side windows, 1 pair
  • complete set of pre cut clear LEXAN windows, 8 pieces

Body parts Kahn D90

Body parts Kahn D90

SCX10 Kahn D90 Bodymounts

SCX10 Kahn D90 Bodymounts

SCX10 Kahn D90 Bodymounts


Advantages of Kahn Hardbody:

  • fits MEX D90 chassis! Body has identical wheelbase.
  • fits Gelande D90 chasis! Body has identical wheelbase.
  • 220mm width! Ready to fit most of axles - Axial axles, Vaterra axles, G-Made axles, RC4WD Yota axles and many more (+15mm width compared with stock white D90 hardbody)
  • ready for instalation up to 16 LEDs (10 front and 6 rear)
  • body has integrated winshield window frame - it gives much more strength and painting is much easier

This body is based on well known Land Rover D90 white hardbody, it is a great replacement for your white stock D90, if you own MEX D90 or RC4WD Gelande chassis you can just switch it, no other customs are required! Kahn has integrated body fenders that makes it +15mm wider.

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Building this hardbody requires some modeling skills. You need to attach all body parts using a quality CA (instant) glue, we sell this glue in "Building material" category. Body parts may require light sanding to fit perfect, we strongly recommend to remove grease using for example dishwashing detergent and abrade all contact areas between body parts with sand paper for perfect contact and strenght. Body may require light filling, two component polyester filler is recomended (used for 1/1 size cars). Tamiya putty and Miliput are also suitable. Front Kahn headlight covers requires instalation of four 5mm LEDs as position lights and winkers - no light covers are included. Front bumper requires 2x 5mm and 2x 8mm LED. Headlights requires 2x 5mm LED. Rear lights requires 4x 3mm LED and 2x 5mm LED. Lexan pre cut window set has protective film on both sides, remove before assembly and be carefull with glue. You can also fit these windows using 2mm screws and nuts.

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Finished Kahn D90 Hardbody

Front window integrated frame on Kahn D90 Hardbody

Lexan front window for D90 Kahn Hardbody

Side lexan window for D90 Kahn

Lexan window set for D90 Kahn Hardbody



  • The body is being finished by hand tool and Dremels, there are some sanded spots on front side fenders and on hood. All bodies has these sanded spots - it is not a failure!
  • LEDs are NOT included
  • Interior NOT included
  • Mud flaps NOT included, they will appear as separated product soon!
  • SCX10 Chassis is not included!
Products are completed of 90%. It is necessary to abrade the contact area before final assembly. Products may contain small air bubbles on the non-visible parts – they do not affect the strength. Use high quality CA glue to attach. Do not use Revell Contacta Liquid or Styrene Bondene and similar types of glues – they are not suitable.

Made in Czech Republic


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