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Sand Ladders


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Product no.: FP-002
Material: Hard Coloured Plastics
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Lenght: 120mm
Width: 35mm
Our price without Tax : 10.74 USD
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13.00 USD

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This is a pair of Sand Ladders. They are made from very hard plastics, their rough surface gives enough traction for tire. They are made in scale 1/10 and their size is certified for races like AST, ASTS, CEST and HRCTT.

They have a hole for magnet inside down. Magnet will hold the sand ladder on your truck. Magnet is NOT included.

Fits all trucks in scale 1/10. Can be used for example with Ford F350 High Lift, Hilux High lift, CC-01 Pajero, Wrangler, RC4WD Gelande, Trailfinder, Mojave, Axial SCX10 Honcho, Dingo, Jeep Wrangler.


Products are completed of 90%. It is necessary to abrade the contact area before final assembly. Products may contain small extra parts from manufactury that needs to be cut out. Products may contain small air bubbles on the non-visible parts – they do not affect the strength. Use high quality CA glue to attach. Do not use Revell Contacta Liquid or Styrene Bondene and similar types of glues – they are not suitable.


Made in Czech Republic

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Hello Ali and Beth!I stumbled onto your blog by way of Ali's rneect Grist article. Super glad I did because I work with children whose parents encounter obstacles in feeding them, whether it's food access, lack of cooking skills, or just starved for time. I just ordered your book and can't wait for it to arrive!

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this is the dreaded death wolbbe, a strange condition that affects Jeeps and other solid axle trucks. most often, it starts when you start lifting your Jeep and stray from factory specs. if you're Jeep is heavily modified, the warranty may be void, at least that was the case with mine. There are a number of possible problems:1) make sure your wheels are balanced. this is the easiest and cheapest one to try. i had a bad death wolbbe on mine, but i balanced the wheels and now it's gone.2) make sure your alignment is correct. if you haven't aligned your front end in a while or you recently went offraoding, your wheel alignment may be off. check for uneven wear on your tires.3) make sure all the bolts are tight. immediately after installing my lift, i had death wolbbe. upon close inspection of the steering, i found that my trackbar had a little bit of play. it had caused the hole in the axle bracket to become egg-shaped, so i re-drilled the hole and used a bigger bolt.3a) if you just installed a lift and bigger tires, get rid of the stock steering, go with a heavy duty, aftermarket setup (i run a Currie HD steering)4) check for worn joints. check your tie rod ends, and your u-joints, make sure they are not worn. also, worn out control arm joints may cause death wolbbe.4a) many people suggest you replace your steering stabilizer, which will get rid of the problem, but it is merely placing a band-aid on something that needs stiches. eventually you'll need to replace your steering stabilizer again. the steering stabilizer will suppress the oscillation, not prevent it. theoretically, you should be able to run your steering without a stabilizer, if everything is dialed in correctly.5) make sure your rotors aren't warped. this will most likely cause wolbbe during braking.usually death wolbbe will kick in at a certain speed, with my jeep it was always between 45-50mph, which was a tire balancing issue. look for patterns and try to replicate the scenerio. have a friend turn the steering wheel back and forth while you look underneath, look for any sloppy movement from the components (listen to strange creeks and groans).best of luck in pinpointing the culprit.