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Tatra 813 8x8 KIT 1/14

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Product no.: 813-1
Scale: 1/14
Chassis Type: Loops Model Backbone Chassis
Manufacturer: Loops Model
Wheelbase: 385mm (between 1st and 4th axle)
Lenght: 610mm
Width: 185mm
Height: 200mm
Our price without Tax : 1,321.49 USD
Our price including Tax (21 %):
1,599.00 USD

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2019 NEW

We are proud to announce our brand new Tatra 813 8x8 Kit in scale 1/14. It took 2 years of development and its available to purchase.

We have limited production capacity to 2-3 KITs each month. Please contact us for more information about waiting time.

Chassis has unique Tatra design called "backbone chassis", each half-axle has independent suspension.

  • hard black plastics differential housings, axle covers, steering system and suspension parts.
  • all metal gears and CVA axles
  • inox steel central backbone tube
  • full ball bearings
  • aluminium U-profile frame for rear bed attachment
  • hard black plastic 3 pieced beadlock rims
  • soft rubber tires with unique Tatra design

Tatra 813 Cab - long version

  • complete body KIT consisting of 4 side panels, roof and many body detail parts
  • complete interior including dashboard, seats, steering wheel etc
  • front bumper with LEDs ready lights
  • pre-cut clear lexan windows

Each kit includes 20 kg steering servo.

Required electronics (not included):

  • 540 size motor (brushed or brushless)
  • electronic speed controller
  • 2 channel radio system (at least)
  • 2 or 3S Lipo or 7,2 V Nimh
  • LED light module, 5 mm and 3 mm LEDs

Complete assembly manual ready to download as PDF in download section above. ↑

Main designer of chassis: Sebastian Korynta

Full metal gears and ball bearings in main gearbox.

One speed gearbox with high torque gearing.

Gearbox ready for 540 size brushed or brushless motors.

Realistic looking half axles made from massive hard plastics. Metal gears and ball bearings included.

Both front axles are powered with modified MST CVA axles.

Each half axle is powered using its own pair of metal gears.

All axles are connected together using central shaft hidden in inox steel tube.

Modular chassis conception.

Sophisticated steering system of both front axles using 20 kg steering servo (also included).

Aluminium support frame for rear bed.

Many detailed parts.

Complete chassis.

Suspension system combining metal coil springs and dust covers working as air suspension.

Each half axles is protected by rubber dust cover to avoid mud and sand getting into axle housing.

Cabine is mounted to interior floor using four M3 screws.

Tatra 813 8x8 KOLOS KIT packaging.

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